Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wise County Quilt Guild Projects

Wow!!!  I had alot of projects I signed up to participate in this month.  I was worried about getting them done, but I finished yesterday.  I am having so much enjoyment being in the guild.  I am meeting so many new friends and learning so much about my new hobby of quilting.  Everyone in the guild is so friendly and helpful.  So much that I am now the 2nd Vice President, which makes me in charge of the monthly newsletter and the guild's blog.  I am loving being able to use my skills from working to be able to still create.  This also helps me keep my skills up-to-date just in case a job comes along that I can't turn down.

Anyway, back to my projects.  Let's see, first I agreed to make a few blocks for one of our projects where we make baby quilts for the Wise Choices Pregnancy Resource Center.  I got three of them made, but plan on doing more.  String piecing goes really quick and you see results fast.

Next, we started a Block of the Month project, where everyone does the same block and then at the next meeting a drawing is done for a winner to win all of the blocks for that month.  I so hope I win one of these.  These blocks are very time consuming, well they are to me.  This one took most of a day from start to finish.  Maybe I'm just a little slow??? 

The block is called: Stars Fell on Alabama

Then I had one more project to complete.  It was called, "The Paper Bag Project".  We all put a 10" square of fabric in a paper bag with our name on a piece of paper and put in a pile.  We picked a bag out of the pile and had to create some kind of mini-quilt using some piece of that fabric.  We will present the person whose fabric it was a completed project at the April Meeting.  I sure hope ??? likes her "Lil Fox".  It is a paper piecing.  This is the most complicated paper piecing I have done thus far, but I love the way the points come out so accurately.  The piece of fabric I got was the green at the bottom.

I think I have all of my guild duties complete for this month: newsletter (check), blog update (check), BOM (check), paperbag project (check), string block pieces (check).  I'm ready.  Come on Saturday so I can see what's for next month.  Can't Wait!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous block but cute cute fox

  2. Oh, I love getting an early peek at your blocks. I'm all done with my projects, too. Yay. The fox is adorable.

  3. Thanks ya'll. I amazed myself with the fox. I never figured it would actually come out. I'm like paper piecing more and more.