About Me:

I am a retired housewife that went back to work full-time last year. Something is wrong with this picture. I enjoy a variety of different things. First and foremost are my Grandchildren.  I have three grandsons and one granddaughter. Between Bill and I, we have 7 Grandsons, 2 Granddaughters, and one Great-Grandson right now.  I'm sure more at some point.  I'm sure you will see them from time-to-time in my posts.

My husband Bill is retired and keeps his days busy on the Farm in Bridgeport, Tx.  We live here on his family homestead where he grew up with his 8 siblings.  We have a few head of cattle and a couple of spoiled dogs. We have done a lot of remodeling of this old Farmhouse.

I also am a member of the Wise County Quilt Guild.  I'm not able to do a lot with the guild at this point but I try to attend as many monthly meetings as I can.

I got into Quilting a couple of years ago.  I said I would never be interested in Quilting, but Never Say Never...  My youngest daughter Amy, brought me a box of her Drill Team T-Shirts she had from all of her years of Drill Team and wanted me to make a quilt out of them.  Well, this was about 7-8 years ago.  They sat in a box for all this time.  So I was cleaning out my closet and found the box of T-Shirts.  I knew it was there, but kept ignoring it.  I didn't know how to quilt and didn't really know what to do with them.  But I was inbetween things going on around here, so I pulled the box out and started thinking, I sure would love that extra space in my closet.  Next thing you know, I signed up for a quilting class at Quilt Country in Lewisville.  I took two classes there, Quilting 101 and 102.  These classes taught me the basics of quilting.  I am so glad I took these classes.  Of course, I could use more, but it was enough for me to feel somewhat comfortable to tackle the T-Shirt Quilt.  You can see the finished T-Shirt in one of my posts.

And as you can tell from my ramblings, I love the computer.  I have had a computer since 1987 and have loved them ever since.  I love being able to create different things and it helps me to keep up with the changing times.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my posts.


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