Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update as Promised...

Ryan came up and got the floor joist attached to the house and got everything lined up and ready to get started the next week.  He is a busy boy, so we didn't get to see much of him that week.

But then he got back down here on Thursday and they got after it.

They did have a little supervision to help them get going...  Miss Palyn always has her nose into everything.
Next, the decking  started going down.  Progress was being made.

Hummm, I missed the decking before the porch roof went on.  But it went up fast.  Luke came up with Ryan this time and we had gone garage-saleing.  That didn't last too long, if you know what I mean, but it was long enough for the porch to go up. 

AND... for Bill to shoot a nail through his finger with the pneumatic nailer gun. He was so kind to wait on me to get home so I could see it.  Made sure it looked totally gross so he could get my sympathy.  Well it worked.  {SMILE}  The conversation went like this,
G -  "Do we need to go to Emergency Room?"
B - "No"
G - "You might need stitches"
B - "No"
G - "Let me look at it"
B - "Okay, probably just need a band-aid."
G - "No, I don't think so, I think you should go to doctor"
B - "No, I don't"
G - "When is the last time you had a tetanus shot?"  (Well, I know he hasn't had one in at least 10 years)
B - no answer, "Just put some ointment on it, it will be fine"
G - "I think we need to clean it up, I'll go get the hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, etc."
So we ended up with two bandaids and 10 minutes later one of them was coming off, so next was the first-aid tape.  Next morning, it was a little swollen but not too bad.  I still think he should go get a tetanus shot!!!

One last picture from yesterday, after all of the drama was over.  Ryan thought he would get a little one-on-one time with Luke up on the roof of the porch.  Nothing like training them early.  Hummm.....

That's all for this update.  Next will be interior.  Nothing new as far as furniture, but some rearranging and organization happening.  With the remodeling, it's all looks totally new.  I do have plans to make more updates and painting of furniture and such, but that's gonna have to wait awhile.  Got other things to take care of first.
See ya next time,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mandy's Baby Shower

Amy and Mandy's friend Jenny put together a great shower for Mandy and baby Bella.  Many came and offered their well wishes.  I got there the night before and helped them out with different tasks.  We got it all pulled together just in time for the arrival of the guests. 

Here is Mandy having so much fun opening all of the things for Miss Bella.  She got so many sweet little girl dresses.  I told her she had to send me a picture (via iphone) every morning after she got her dressed so I could see her in each one of the outfits.  I think I'm gonna love this granddaughter thing.

Oh yes, and one more of the finished quilt.  I was so glad to get this finished.  I think the hardest part of this was the sorting of the blocks.  There has to be an easier way than the way I did it.  I think she was pleased with it.  I also did a matching wall hanging, and several other things, but I forgot to take pictures. 
I also made a surprise quilt for Lucas, which yes, I forgot to take pictures of too.  I was so excited about getting everything done, that I wrapped them all up before I took the ever so important pictures. As soon as I get them, I'll post.

My next project I'm planning on starting is my oldest grandson Jordan's Texas Quilt.  He went with me in September to a few quilt shops while I was doing the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop.  The Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop in Whitesboro, TX has a quilt hanging on the wall and he said, "Gigi, I really like that one.", well needless to say, Gigi's heart melted and I bought the kit.

And one last picture of my youngest grandson, Lucas.  His daddy brought him along to join in on the fun and goodies for his new sister.

Has It Been That Long?

I just looked at my last post on the remodeling and realized it had been almost 3 weeks.  There have been many changes since the last time I posted.  Matter of fact, it's almost complete.  We have moved all of the furniture back in and just need to go through boxes of "stuff" and get rid of a bunch.  I am rearranging how the furniture was so lots of decisions to come.  Here are a couple of pics of the new carpet before we moved things back in.  I'll take more once things are in place.

It's all starting to come together, but still lots to do.  Since Ryan has pretty much completed everything on the inside, now he is concentrating his time on the outside deck and porch.  So here is where it stands today, but he will be here tomorrow and I expect lots of changes before he leaves.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garbage Bags for Vehicles

Thought I'd show you a couple of the garbage bags I've made for our vehicles.  They sure have come in handy.  I got the pattern from a site I found on Pinterest, Car Trash Bag.  Of course, you need to make sure you actually have a place to hang in your vehicle.  Mine hangs over my gear shift, and down the side of my console on the passenger side.  With Bill's we had to get a little more creative in his truck.  I opened the glove box and I was able to hang it on one of the latches to where it doesn't get in the way of closing.  Worked great!

Now don't look to close at Bill's.  His is the one on the right if you haven't figured that out yet.  If you will notice the fabric is upside down.  I made his first and didn't pay attention.  I just told him they would be right side up when he emptied it, so maybe it would motivate him to actually empty it.  I really like mine.  Love the fabric colors.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Present for Me

I had to go to WalMart and get some things and just happened down the magazine aisle.  Like I don't look for new Quilting magazines everytime I'm in there.  There were a couple of new ones and I had them in my basket, walked about 10 more steps and there it was, Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Although it's not her new one, I have just found out about her, so by the time I'm through with this, maybe I can get her new one she is fixing to release. I had been trying to decide did I want it or not.  Do I need it or not?  Most of her recipes are on her website.  It would take up space.  I'm trying to get rid of "stuff".  But once I opened it and saw all of the stories she has in it and pictures, I knew I "DID" want it.  So back the magazines went on the shelf and Pioneer Woman came home with me.

I think I have already read most every story in the book.  I don't know of any recipe that I don't want to try.  Well, maybe the Linquine and Clam Sauce.  Just doesn't sound good to me.  But, we will see.  I'll keep you posted as I try some of these goodies.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Time to start getting ready for Miss Bella's Arrival

Mandy has requested a twin size quilt that will last her for a long time and not just a baby quilt.  So a twin size should work.  Here is the fabric Mandy has picked out for the quilt.  I got it from Shabby Fabrics. 

So, with the baby shower a month earlier than I expected, I guess I need to get busy. I was hoping to have a houseful of grandsons this next week for Spring Break, but don't guess that's going to happen. Makes me so sad. So I'll have to keep my sewing machine buzzing to pass the time.  I have several projects I hope to get done and out of the way.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Well, maybe I won't.  Mandy can't see until shower.  :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Update...

Lots of things have happened since my last post.  Once the guys got the taping and bedding completed, Ryan got on the texturing at hand.  This went pretty fast. 

Next came the primer.  Bill and Larry got them walls all painted up.  But I knew what was coming next.

Next, was going to Lowes and picking out the paint color.  Why is this so hard to do?  It's just paint.  It can be covered up if you don't like it.  After quite awhile, I finally decided on this tan color.  Don't have the correct name of paint, but I think I like it.  I guess I better.  It's on the walls now.

Okay, I got caught in the act.  Larry painted up top and I painted the bottom half.  Then we both walked around all three rooms to check for light spots.  I told Bill he needed to fire his painters.  But, now at least I can say it's done.

Last picture for this round.  We have crown molding up, doors installed and baseboards put in.  It's all coming together now.  They are now working on getting all of the nail holes where Ryan put up all of the trim puttied and painted.  Plus all of the doors have to be painted before carpet goes in.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Embroidered Table Runner

As you've noticed, there hasn't been alot of sewing going on around here.  School work and remodeling has definitely push my creative flow to the back burner.  I did however get to take a couple of embrodiery classes at Denton Sewing Center a couple weeks ago.  I loved the look of this table runner and thought maybe I could learn more about my Embroidery machine.  I'm pretty much self-taught, except for what Mandy has showed me how to do.  I just love some of the things I'm able to do with it. 

The pattern was in Eileen Roche's book, "Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique".  It has several unique projects that Here is a picture of the tablerunner from the book.

So here is my finished table runner. 

I chose Moda fabrics that I got from A & K Quilting in Bridgeport.  I just love going out there and visiting with Barbara and Carolyn K.  I have to make myself leave.  The atmosphere out there is so homey and welcoming.  I could sit and talk for hours.  Oh wait, I usually do when I go out there.

Anyway, here is a close-up of some of the embroidery work.  I know, my choice of colors was quite, well, what do I say, odd, but I was going for a double-holiday tablerunner.  The red hearts for Valentines and the green hearts (well to me they look like a 4-leaf clover), so for St. Patrick's Day.  But then trying to find a fabric that went with both.  I found this gorgeous poppy fabric and loved it and it had both of the colors of the hearts and shamrock, so with a little looking, more like a couple of hours trying to decide, this is what I came up with.  It does look somewhat better in person.

Miscellaneous Doings at the Farm

The Plum trees are a bloomin', matter of fact, the peach trees, and apricot trees are all blooming.  Now if we can just keep ole man winter away from killing them with a frost.  Not likely because here in Texas we always get a good freeze around Easter time.  We haven't gotten any plums in two years now, and we are running out of plum jelly.  Please, mother nature, hold off on the freeze this year.

While I was out taking picture of the trees and their blooms, I had a visitor come and check out what I was doing.  Meet Boo...  She is one of Bill's brother Larry's heifers (cows), I was correct by my husband.  I'm still learning the lingo.  She is very friendly.

Just say cheese....

A couple weekends ago, we had a new calf born.  It was the last one for the year.  We decided to go check him out and see how he was doing.  Well, of course, Miss Palyn had to go along for the ride.  She has a permanent spot on Bill's lap if he is going down to check on the cows.

And here's mama and her baby.  She doesn't really have a name, we call her #7.  But out of all of our heifers cows (again, I was corrected) she was the last one to deliver.

Also, while we were at the bottom, Bill's niece Kara and her brother Kent were down at the creek trying out her new toys.  Mine is not to reason why she needs one of them, but she enjoys target practice.  Bill tried it out, well maybe, so did I.  It really was fun, but I'll stick with my 20-gauge shotgun and shooting clay birds.

Oh yeah, you wonder what they were shooting at?  Haha...  Kara's brother Kent went all out and dressed up a couple of maniquins for target practice, wigs, glasses and all.  Hilarious!!!

Well, that's all this time.  More updates to come on the progress on the remodel.  It's getting close.  I'm getting excited and ready to decorate.

'til next time,