Friday, April 20, 2012


Spring is well under way here at the farm.  I am so enjoying all of the flowers blooming and the fruit popping out on the peach and plum trees. 

My roses are looking beautiful right now too.  I sure hope we don't have such a hot summer as we did last year.  Everything was so hot and dry.  No flowers anywhere.

We had a few of the poppies come up again this year out in the front from the bag of wildflower seeds Bill threw out a couple of years ago.  And my favorite Poppy Picker just happened to be here in his Poppy Pickin Gator.

Now on another note, when my sister and I went to Amarillo last weekend, this is what we saw to the north of us.  After we got home we found out this is one of the tornados that hit Oklahoma.  We knew it looked bad, but had no idea just how bad it was.  Glad we missed it, but feel so bad for the ones that it hit.

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