Wednesday, April 11, 2012

King of the Dirt Pile

Bill has had this pile of dirt left over from the remodel just sitting.  Well, he has been using it a little bit at a time to fill in places while leveling the yard back up.  He has "plans" for it.  Well, you just tell me what little boy doesn't like a good dirt pile?  So the minute Lucas came to visit last week, he was in PawPaws dirt pile.  Bill just cringed.  But after seeing how much fun Luke was having and after Easter seeing how much fun all of the kids had on it, I think he has finally succumed to the fact that we "NEED" to leave the dirt pile for the kids.  They had a blast with it.  My floors showed the after effects of it also.  Never seen so much sand in my house.  But nothing that a little broom and dust pan can't handle.

I did snap a few pics of Luke, while he was "King of the Dirt Pile" for a day.  If you ever need a babysitter, or just something to keep the kids occupied, get a pile of dirt.  Luke played on it for a long time and didn't want to leave it when it was time to clean up.


Look at that face.  That is a face full of fun and a little dirt.  It was so much fun watching him play outside.  I love it when the kids spend time outside instead of inside on the video games or watching television.

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