Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I've been working on a few Christmas things this year.

First, here is a picture of my paper-pieced Christmas tree wall hanging.  I worked on this during our quilt guild retreat we had a few weeks ago at the new Sunset Retreat.  I got it quilted last week and got it hung this week once my hanger came in the mail from Connecting Threads.  I had a spot picked out on the wall that needed something.  I believe it is going to be the ever-changing wall hanging block spot.  Well, let me say the "ever-changing" if I get different blocks done for different seasons and holidays.  I have high hopes, but we shall see.
Next, also I completed this Twister Wreath while at the retreat.  I had been wanting to tackle a twister project for awhile and I finally got around to it.  This was using the Lil Twister with 5" blocks of fabric.  I haven't had the time to quilt it yet, but hope to get to it soon.  Will probably be a new addition next year.  Since that was so much fun, I have now purchased a mini-twister that I can't wait to try out.

And today, I made Santa a key so he can get in our door Christmas Eve to bring them grandchillins lots of toys and goodies, since they are staying here this year.  I'm so excited to see them wake up Christmas morning to see what Santa has brought.  Well, Bella may not be too excited, but I know Lucas will.

And, speaking of grandchillins, I just happen to have a picture of them with Santa this year.

This will be my last post until after Christmas, so I would like to say to everyone,

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Babies...

We had 4 calves born in one week back in October.  I didn't get pictures of all of them, but here are the first two babies.  They are so sweet.

Here is #3 with her heifer calf the day it was born.

Here is Dash with her heifer calf the day it was born.

I didn't get around to getting pictures of Boo's or #5's babies yet.  They have grown quite a bit.  Maybe I'll make the rounds today and see if I can get a couple of pics to put on here.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Vanilla Wafer Cake

I found this recipe on Pinterest and just had to try it.  It turned out to be very good, especially with a cup of hot coffee.  Just saying....

I was going to type in the recipe, but thought I would just send you the link to where I found it.  You might just find some more great recipes on this site.  Enjoy!!!  We did!!!

I WON!! I WON!!!!

I like probably many of you enter giveaways all of the time at different blogs for free goodies.  I received an email from Michelle Foster who runs the Quilting Gallery blog about a Blog Hop that was going on a few days ago.  There were 175 different blogs participating.  

So one evening, I went to several of them and entered their giveaways while watching television.  And I found out yesterday I actually WON something from Denise Panter from her Count it *all* JOY!!!! blog.  Thanks so much Denise.  I can't wait to receive my goodies.

If you are a quilter, you might want to check out her blog.  She quilts some great projects and has a lovely family.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My how time is flying by....

Christmas is a little over a week away.  I can't believe it already.  I have been so busy around here trying to finalize gifts, getting shopping lists together for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning breakfast.  I am so excited this year.  My kids have decided they wanted to bring back the Christmas tradition and all of us being together on Christmas Eve and waking up to Santa on Christmas morning with a big family Christmas like we used to do years ago before things changed.

Thank goodness I have been able to take a little time between jobs to enjoy this holiday season.  I hope to start my new job after the 1st of the year.  I really don't know how I would have been able to complete all of these projects I start.  I used to be able to move a little faster and get more done, but now I find myself stressing because I can't move and get as much done as I used to.  Hummmm, is this a sign of aging??  Yes, I think so.  But I push and push and always get it done.

I'll have some pictures of the projects I have been working on after Christmas.  Can't spoil the surprises.

But, I do have a picture of the newest stocking to join the fleet.  This is my granddaughter Bella's first Christmas, so I (Gigi) had to get busy and get her special stocking made.  It was so fun doing a girly stocking this time.  It has PINK on it.  !!!  Here is a picture of the completed stocking.

Now, what's been going on around the farm since my last post:

Miss Palyn celebrated her 4th birthday.  She got to blow out a candle (really I think she sniffed it and singed the end of her nose).  Sorry Palyn.  We sung Happy Birthday and she got a new squeaky toy.  And, no she didn't get to eat the chocolate cupcake.  That was just for the picture.

I realized I had never posted pictures of the finished bedrooms after the remodel earlier this year.  Remember, this is an old farmhouse that we gutted mostly the interior and added insulation and new electrical and carpet.

The first 3 pictures are of Bill's "game" room/office.  One goal of mine, was to get all of his mounts into one room.  It took the biggest part of one day, but I did it.  I really like the way they look too, especially now that they are all in one room. :)  The next two pictures are of the two other bedrooms.  Bring on the company.

I'll end this post for now, but I do have a few more things that I will post about later.  Have a good day!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


You ask?  Where my blog are updates?  Yeah, I’m still trying to find them too.  I know I put them somewhere.  I can’t find them, so guess I better rewrite, right?  NOT!!  I have just not been able to get my stuff together around here since starting work.  There is just so much always going on here at the farm that I have to prioritize and my blog has definitely been put on the bottom of the list.


As I’m sitting (at least I’m not laying now) here trying to get my strength built back up from my long week of this illness I have had, I thought I would reflect over the last couple of months.  I took off work last Wednesday with sore throat and fever, plus I couldn't talk, therefore, you can't answer phone if you can't talk.  I went to Dr. De Leon on Thursday because I wasn't feeling any better, but worse, and he said that it was upper respiratory and sinus infection and gave me drugs and told me to rest.  Well I didn't feel like doing much else, anyway.  It just seemed to gradually get worse.  I tried to start moving more on Saturday morning, but my body said no, not yet.  As I tried to get up and do somethings around here, I got dizzy, light headed and nauseous.  I called my sister, 'the nurse', and she could tell that I was hyperventilating.  I think I was scared being here alone and feeling this way.  So, I did what I was told and got the paperbag out and breathed in it and slowed my breathing down.  I finally gave in and called Bill to come home.  I thought I might need to go to emergency room.  We called and Dr. Holloway was still in the office so he rushed me up there. They took blood and flu test.  Good news, I don't have the flu, but was very dehydrated.  He threatened me with drinking LOTs clear liquids vs hospital stay and IVs.  He gave me a shot of phenergan and told me to go home and do nothing but drink clear water.  I was ready to just tell Bill to just shoot me.  But I didnt' say it too loud, he might of if there had been a gun close.
Bill had his 50 year class reunion going on Saturday and I hated calling him home in the middle of it, but you do what you have to do.  Once he got me back home and settled back in my bed, he went back up to reunion.  I think he still had a good time.  I hate I had to call him away though.  How many times do you actually make it to your 50 year High School Reunion.?
My plan today is to gradually get myself moving again and getting my strength back.  I’ve GOT to get back to work tomorrow.  I’m sure I have been greatly missed.  Well, probably not, but just hoping.  I know it causes my boss to have to juggle others schedules and I hate having to cause more problems for her.  She has enough on her plate.

Here We Go!

Now, onto reflecting back over the last few months.  I say a lot has happened around here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I took a lot of pictures.  I’ll see what I can scare up since July.   

New Water Well

On July 22nd, Bill had a new water well put in on the back part for the cows.  With the lack of rain we get around here in the summer months, the creek doesn’t run, therefore the cows have to make their way all the way back up to the front for water.  So now they have a fresh new tank to drink from.  I was amazed at how clear the water was.  I think the cows are probably drinking better than I am now.  Here are a few pics of the process.

Here is the drill rig and when they actually hit the water.  Bill took these pictures because I was at work.  He got some pretty good ones I think.

He took me down to see the whole set up after they put in the tank and solar panel.  Pretty impressive I might say. 
We are high class here now.  I asked Bill what happens to the solar panels when a hail storm is coming , he showed 'me' how to get a BIG wrench and unloosen the screws and tilt the panel straight up and down.  Yeah, right, let me get right on that.  Let's hope he is here when it hails.

Painting the Living Room

Rene so graciously offered to come help and paint the living room.  We had grown so tired of the green and yellow that we had put up back in 2003 when we did the first remodel here at the farm.  She came down on August 8-9 and Bill and her got with it and got the new color up while I was at work.  I only hope she knows just how much I appreciate her help.  I'm loving the colors we chose. 

Bella Visits

Actually, the whole Duncan clan came down the next weekend to visit, but the only pictures I took were of Bella.  Mandy was showing me how she was turning herself over now.  She is just growing too fast.

School Starts

I love iPhones.  The kids send me cute pictures off and on of the grandkids.  It makes it so nice since I live so far away and don't get to see them near enough.  
Jordan and Luke both started on August 27th and Patrick and Will started on August 28th.  So here they are.

Jordan is going into the 4th Grade (just happens to be the grade that Amy is teaching for her first year of teaching, and Lucas in starting Pre-K.  Wow, how time flies.

Patrick is starting his first year in High School (9th Grade) and Will is going into the 2nd Grade.

One Last Topic

I haven't been doing alot of sewing, but have been getting a few things done here and there, a little at time. 

First off, I had volunteered to make a quilt for the new Sunset Retreat place that is opening in Sunset.  I got a free weekend for it.  It was one of the tougher quilts I have made.  I'm really not for sure why, but it just seemed to take me alot longer and caused me a lot more frustration.  But I finally finshed it.

Something else I did, was took a class on making Snap Happy Bags at the Denton Sewing Center. I learn so much when I take these classes. I just wish more of them were on the weekend. I would probably take a class every weekend if I could. I learn how to use my machine and all kinds of helpful ways to do things. As you will notice, it is made out of some of the scraps I had left over from the quilt.
Then, while watching TV at night I finished up this wall hanging I purchased the kit for at the Alford Inn Quilt Shop in Van Alstyne when I went on the bus trip with the quilt guild a few months ago.  It was made by making yo-yos and inserting a bottle cap in the center before closing up.  Then I glued the caps to the black felt provided.  Bill cut me a board to attach it all to.  I used some of the Quilt Across Texas fabric I had left over from Jordan's quilt to make the hanger.
 And the last thing I have got to complete is my Block of the Month from the July quilt guild series.  I owed this to Phillis since then.  So I finally finished and get to give it to her at the October meeting.  Better late than never I guess.  Hope she likes it!!!

So, this is as much getting caught up as I'm going to do today.  Time to sit back and watch the Cowboys do their 'thang'.  Whatever it is that their "thang" is nowadays.  Take care, and I'll catch you next time.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 2012

Well, as I said in my prior post, my posts would be fewer and farther in between since starting work.  I guess I was right.  I'm just now getting a little organization going on.  Between housework, and grandkids, it's been a fast paced summer already.  But I wanted to post a few pics to let you know I'm still kicking and there is still lots going on around here at the farm.

July 4th
The grandson Jordan was here for his 2nd two-weeks for the summer.  He is here mostly every 4th of July with us.  Larry, Bill's brother had his 3 grandkids here also for a few days.  I got volunteered to take them to buy fireworks this year.  We were very picky on what we bought, nothing that could start fires in the pasture and things that they all could do safely WITH adult supervision.  I think they had fun.  We all sat out on the patio and watched them play with fire.  NO one was hurt and they had a good time.

Here they are playing with the black snakes.  Jordan, Ryan, Meghan and Chase.

This is Larry's grandson Ryan, is he not a cutie.  Look at those eyes.

The kids also played a little bit of the All American sport of baseball for this 4th of July Celebration.  It was just us few here, but we celebrated.
July 14th
This was a very busy day for me.  Once a year the Texas Association of Quilt Guilds has a Rally day and this year it was in Mesquite.  Beings that I had never been and wanted to check it out, I had to figure out a plan to go.  It was also the weekend I needed to take Jordan back home to his mom.  So I carefully coordinated with my daughter Mandy for Jordan to stay with her while I went to the Rally and then back to pick Jordan up and take him home.

Once I got back to Mandy's to pick Jordan up, we took the boys and Miss Bella over to Ryan's uncles pool (close by) and let the kids swim for a bit. 

I think they had a lot of fun, while we were there sitting and sweating.  Luckily there was shade.  Makes me wish we had a pool here at the farm.

And I didn't want to leave Miss Bella out.  She was there in her Texas Rangers finest.  Mandy put her feet in the water, and she didn't like it a bit, so she just watched.
This was a long day for me.  I got home about 9:30pm that night. 

July 15th
Today was the day Bill decided it was time to let the calves we had this last year find a new home.  In other words, they went to the Decatur Livestock Auction.  With us getting pretty much no rain this summer, there just is not enough grass for them to eat.

July 21st
Bill's son Trent and his family came down to visit.  Trent attended a shooting competition out on 51 between Decatur and Gainesville, plus it was Trent's birthday.  We celebrated with dinner at Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes in Decatur and then back to the house for dessert and fun taking pictures.
Ashlie and Baby Owen (the Great-Grandson) came to celebrate too.  Here he is with his PawPaw.  We have to watch PawPaw though, he tries to sneak certain food goodies past mom. 
I had asked Janet what was Trent's favorite cake flavor and she had told me that he liked lemon and cream cheese frosting.  So I jumped on the computer and off to Pinterest I went.  I found this recipe for Cream Cheese Lemon Bars.  It was a hit I think. 
Cream Cheese Lemon Bars:  1 box lemon cake mix - 1/3 cup butter or margarine - softened - 1 egg - 8 ounces cream cheese - softened - 1 cup powdered sugar - 1/2 lemon - grated - 2 tablespoons lemon juice or 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon - 2 eggs - 1 teaspoon vanilla

More of July to come.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I wanted to let everyone know that my posts will probably start coming alot longer in between.  I have started a full-time job, which is definitely putting a kink into my blogging and quilting and scrapbooking.  I am finding it a hugh task to get my new schedule organized, but I will prevail eventually.  Being gone most of the day is not fun, but this change is necessary and will be fine once I get into the swing of things and figure everything out.
I am really sad about being able to spend the time I love with my new found hobby of quilting, but I will sneak in little time slots as I can.

I am enjoying the extra time I have right now with my Jordan the next two weeks. I do have a few posts that I will work on this week and update everyone.

Have a Blessed Day!!! (gotta get ready for work)  :)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's New?

Not much going on around here right now except school.  Yes, I decided to take a summer course in Pre-Algebra.  Not one of my best ideas I've had.  I have no time for anything else.  Maybe if I understood it better it might help.  This old brain has just about decided that it doesn't want or maybe can't retain and learn this stuff anymore.  But, I am going to try and keep on trudging it out until the end of this 6 weeks.  If I can make it through I'm going to take the other half of the summer off so I can enjoy a little bit.

Now, on to other things.  I did get a little sewing/quilting in last week.  I had bought this table topper kit a while back that I wanted to do for my coffee table.  It's farm print, but will work for the 4th of July theme also.  So I though it would be good for a summer table topper.  I pulled it out one day and cut everything by the directions, then the next day I sewed and quilted it.  So it went really fast.  It was quite easy.

Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Block of the Month - June

I finally got around to getting my Block of the Month done for the Wise County Quilt Guild meeting that is Saturday.  We make the blocks, then one lucky person wins all of the blocks for that month.  I haven't won yet, but hope to one day.  This month we use floral prints with green and white solids.This block is call 'Sentimental Journey'.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Farm Updates

I found a few photos that I had forgotten about.  When your pulling them from two different cameras and an iPhone, I forget sometimes what I have where.  So, now I think I have everything uploaded to my computer, thus the new updates of what's been going on around here.

Mole Hunting

Seems like every year we have moles, armadillos, grasshoppers, etc. visiting us.  And, we have had them all this year.  Libby and Palyn got on the trail of a mole one day.  It was so much fun watching Palyn dig and get her little long nose down in the dirt.  You have to know her to know that she is just too much of a princess to get her nose dirty.  I mean, when Bill literally pics her up and takes her out to the carport for potty breaks when it's raining, you gotta know how much of a princess she is.  So without adieu, here are a couple pics of the mole hunting.

Once they were through digging and things settled down, Jordan got down and played with the dogs in the grass.  Doesn't it look so nice in green.  It's so hard to keep it green without rain.  But we have been getting a good deal (well, a little) here and there.  So things look good right now.

We got Libby back in 2006.  We just happened by PetSmart one day and there was a rescue place out front with 4 of the cutest black lab looking puppies.  Well, we called Pawpaw and told him, and it wasn't soon we were bringing Libby home with us.  She was about 3 months old they were guessing.  The puppies had been found in a cardboard box on the side of the highway.  We named her Liberty because we got her on July 3rd.  It got shortened to Libby soon after.  But she does get called Liberty every once in awhile when she's in trouble.

Around the House

Now on to some other things going on here.  Our plum trees really gave us many many plums this year.  My freezer is full.  Now I just need to find a day in my schedule to get some jelly made.  Here is a picture of the last handful of plums we gathered from our trees.  They are so pretty and red.  We had to pick once in the morning and once in the evening for the last couple of weeks because they were ripening so fast.  As you can see, Bill had to place a board under those limbs because they were so loaded that it was sagging to the ground. 

Then, these beautiful sunflowers just popped up one day.  Bill has moved dirt from different places of the yard, filling in mole holes and leveling the yard.  One day these sunflowers just started popping up.  They were just in the middle of the yard (kinda).  We just left them and let them grow.

One more last thing I have to add about what's been going on.  Bill has been working on a walkway from the house to the carport.  You know how it feels to have to walk across wet grass in the mornings from the dew or after it rains in flip flops.  Or to have heels on and they go down in the dirt.  He finished it this week.  It looks so natural with him using the sandstone that was taken up from the old walkway that went to the old porch.  We still need the grass to grow to cover, but it's looking great.  Thank you Hunnie!!!

Well, that's all I can think of today.  Have a wonderful rest of the week! I've got a Math Exam tomorrow, so you know where I'll be.  STUDYING!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Weeks with Jordan

Finally got to spend some much needed time with my oldest grandson Jordan.  He is growing so fast, so I enjoy being able to spend time with him and see just how much he reminds me of his daddy.  Sometimes his expressions remind me so much of Robby, as well as some of his mannerisms.  Robby has never been able to deny Jordan.  He looked like him the day he was born.  Well, enough of that. 

Let's see what all we did over the last two weeks.  Jordan spend alot of time with PawPaw.  He follows Bill around like a little puppy.  No matter what Bill is doing, Jordan wants to be there.  Much more than with me when I'm either sewing, cooking, or doing homework.  Plus Jordan prefers outside to inside.

There is a story behind this picture.  Jordan wanted to shoot his BB gun, so I told him to get a couple of cans and set them up and shoot at them.  Well, he started going outside and I saw him. He had 3 full cans of coke in his hands.  He was going to take 'good' drinks outside.  I said, "Whoa"...  How about you getting a couple of empty cans?  He said the wind will blow them over.  I told him it might just be a little bit more cost effective then if he was to fill them with water.  "Ohhhhh", he said.  Just one of the funnies we experienced while he was here.

It started raining one day and he wanted to ride the 4-wheeler in the rain.  I thought about it, and said why not.  When I was a kid I probably would have wanted to do it too.  So away he went.  He rode up and down the drive back in forth with the rain pounding down.  After a couple of trips, he was ready to come in and get dried off.  He has a blast.
When he was done with outside for awhile, or when Pawpaw came in, he would come in and play on the Wii, or play with his tractors.  His mom had sent him some workbooks to keep up with his schoolwork for the summer, so we would work on that some.
But then would be time when he would just act crazy and make me laugh.  I love this little boy.

I did get a chance to finish up his quilt we had bought last year during the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop.  Now to get it quilted so he can take it home.

Jordan went home on Saturday so it is quite around here.  He'll be back soon though.