Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Present for Me

I had to go to WalMart and get some things and just happened down the magazine aisle.  Like I don't look for new Quilting magazines everytime I'm in there.  There were a couple of new ones and I had them in my basket, walked about 10 more steps and there it was, Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Although it's not her new one, I have just found out about her, so by the time I'm through with this, maybe I can get her new one she is fixing to release. I had been trying to decide did I want it or not.  Do I need it or not?  Most of her recipes are on her website.  It would take up space.  I'm trying to get rid of "stuff".  But once I opened it and saw all of the stories she has in it and pictures, I knew I "DID" want it.  So back the magazines went on the shelf and Pioneer Woman came home with me.

I think I have already read most every story in the book.  I don't know of any recipe that I don't want to try.  Well, maybe the Linquine and Clam Sauce.  Just doesn't sound good to me.  But, we will see.  I'll keep you posted as I try some of these goodies.

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