Friday, March 2, 2012

Miscellaneous Doings at the Farm

The Plum trees are a bloomin', matter of fact, the peach trees, and apricot trees are all blooming.  Now if we can just keep ole man winter away from killing them with a frost.  Not likely because here in Texas we always get a good freeze around Easter time.  We haven't gotten any plums in two years now, and we are running out of plum jelly.  Please, mother nature, hold off on the freeze this year.

While I was out taking picture of the trees and their blooms, I had a visitor come and check out what I was doing.  Meet Boo...  She is one of Bill's brother Larry's heifers (cows), I was correct by my husband.  I'm still learning the lingo.  She is very friendly.

Just say cheese....

A couple weekends ago, we had a new calf born.  It was the last one for the year.  We decided to go check him out and see how he was doing.  Well, of course, Miss Palyn had to go along for the ride.  She has a permanent spot on Bill's lap if he is going down to check on the cows.

And here's mama and her baby.  She doesn't really have a name, we call her #7.  But out of all of our heifers cows (again, I was corrected) she was the last one to deliver.

Also, while we were at the bottom, Bill's niece Kara and her brother Kent were down at the creek trying out her new toys.  Mine is not to reason why she needs one of them, but she enjoys target practice.  Bill tried it out, well maybe, so did I.  It really was fun, but I'll stick with my 20-gauge shotgun and shooting clay birds.

Oh yeah, you wonder what they were shooting at?  Haha...  Kara's brother Kent went all out and dressed up a couple of maniquins for target practice, wigs, glasses and all.  Hilarious!!!

Well, that's all this time.  More updates to come on the progress on the remodel.  It's getting close.  I'm getting excited and ready to decorate.

'til next time,

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