Saturday, February 18, 2012

Remodel Update #2

A lot has been happening on the remodel project, but not alot of picture taking opportunities.  There has been alot of attic and electrical work going on, so doesn't look like alot of progress is being made, but it definitely is.  Ryan has been up here working his buns off and keeping Bill on his toes.  Larry also keeps pretty busy helping. 

Last weekend, Jeff was up here beginning the process of getting the central heat and air in the back part of the house.  I forgot to take pictures of Jeff crawling around in the attic, but will get them next time he's up to hook everything up.  Can't wait to see how much better/warmer it's gonna be once it's done.

Larry is checking out Jeff's handiwork.

The major happenings this week were Bill and Ryan getting the wall studs put in.  Then they put in the electrical, all new wiring.  Yeah, can I say I feel safer now.  I FEEL SAFER!!!

The purpose of the wall studs is so they could put insulation in the outside walls.  Yes, we had no insulation on the outside or inside walls.   It does now.  Nice and shiny insulation. Warmth!!

Next, up goes the sheetrock.  Woopee!!!!

They had to call in the Big Dogs to help with the sheet rock hanging.  Trent came down to help out.  He was itching to get his fingers dirty and use his new utility apron.

Ryan measured and cut while Trent nailed.  Great teamwork.. 
Humm, where were Bill and Larry???

Next up, taping, bedding, texturing the walls.  Sounds like fun to me, not.  That means, it's almost time for me to start picking out paint colors, ceiling fans, curtains, etc.  This is what I'm best at.  

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