Friday, February 10, 2012

I've been busy in the Kitchen!

I want everyone to know that Pinterest is keeping me busy.  So many ideas of things I want to do.  Just not enough time.  I was busy this week though.  There were a couple of recipes I had to try, well, three to be exact.  First, I came across the words, "German Chocolate Upside-down Cake".  Well, that was enough to get my mouth watering.  I had to make one.  Just happened that we had company coming over, my sister and brother-in-law, Teresa and Bobby. So I had my excuse to make it.  Let me tell you, it was delicious.  It was rich, but melted in your mouth.  I did hear that my nephew, Seth, didn't care much for it.  He doesn't like cream cheese.  I never tasted the cream cheese.  Oh well, can't please everyone.

It was very moist and stayed that way for days.

Then, for Superbowl Sunday, we didn't do anything special, but I told Bill I wanted to make something different and Superbowlish.  So I had just ran across Pioneer Woman's Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas recipe.  So, after a quick trip to the grocery store. . .

we had some Quesadillas.  And, boy were they good.  I would have never thought to put pineapple in a chicken quesadilla, but I'm glad Ree did.  Yum, yum!!

One last thing, I again visted Pioneer Woman and recreated her Iced Coffee.  I took a couple of pictures, but looking at coffee grounds steeping in a plastic container just wasn't very pleasing to my eyes, so no pictures, but will link to PW's website for you to see how she did it.  She has detailed directions.  

I also made up some Sweet Cream I found in several different places, that added just the right sweetness to it.  The Sweet Cream was easy to make, two ingredients, mix together and enjoy!

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