Saturday, February 4, 2012

Remodel Stage #4 - Bedrooms

We are beginning the fourth stage of our remodel of the farmhouse.  We started this process back in 2003 when we took the original four rooms and took out all of the walls and made an open kitchen, living and dining area.  We thought this best since we have so many family get-togethers here at the farm.  It was quite cramped when everyone was trying to crowd into 4 small rooms.  In 2008, we added on a master bedroom, bath, and a small scrapbook/craft room for me in preparing for me to move down.  When I 'retired' to the farm July 2008 and got settled, we decided it was time to remodel the kitchen area.  We painted the cabinets, put in new countertops and tumbled tile backsplash, new sink, garbage disposal, and added a dishwasher "YEAH" where the old small refrigerator was.  What a difference just painting the cabinets made.  Maybe I'll post a couple of pictures of that soon. 

But for now, we are concentrating on the back part of the house.  This will entail pretty much gutting all three bedrooms, replacing carpet, windows, all electric, taking out 3 small closets, adding central heating/air, taking in a porch off of one of the bedrooms and making it a walk-in closet, and covering that awful dark wood paneling with a layer of insulation and sheetrock.  I can't wait to see it.  It's going to look so different.

So without adieu, we start with having to level up that end of the house.  With alot of my son-in-law Ryan's help and Larry Bill's brother, they got the leveling done in one afternoon.  A project that Bill had been dreading for quite awhile.  Don't look at the porch to the left.  All of that "mess/toys" will be going away soon.  Grandkids love them when they are here, just need to relocate to a more appropriate place.  Hummmm, still thinking on that one.  That by the way, is the porch that will soon become a good size walk-in closet.
 Oh, and don't let me forget Miss Helper 'Palyn', she always has to have her nose "in the way", as Bill says..

Next starts the demolition of the interior.  What a mess.  I've been through this process with the first part of our remodeling and it was nasty, dirty.  Here's a picture right before they start.  That closet is being removed and another closet and centeral heat/air unit will go there.


First up, that NASTY NASTY Gold/Orange Shag carpet from the 70's... I have wanted that carpet gone for years and it's finally time.  It really wasn't as bad under it as I thought it would be, but it's GONE!!!!  YEAH!!!!!

Down comes the closet.  You can see through the doorway, another closet has already been demo'd.  Oh yeah, inside those closets, your not going to believe this.

Yes, you are really seeing what you think your seeing.  Cardboard walls with contact paper on top.  Gorgeous yellow, gold, orange and avocado green flowers and leaves. All GONE!!!!

And when I say all GONE, I mean it.   A Good Days work.  They did alot in one day.

 Don't let me leave out our watch dog.  She found a nice cool, wet spot in the rain to watch out for everything.  Miss Libby is a fine watchdog.

If you feel the need to see more pictures of this remodel, I have them posted out on Flicker, here.


  1. Back at it the week!! You need a "deck box" for the outside toys.