Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Favorite Nephew Graduated!!!

Seth Graduated
I say my favorite nephew, well he is, but he is my only nephew.  I love this boy like he was my own.  I didn't think my sister was ever going to have a kid, but she finally did, and I have loved him ever since.  He came into my life when things were a little "harried", I guess you could say.  He would always make me smile when I was down. I still can't believe he just graduated from high school and is waiting for his contract from the Air Force.  My how time flies.  I wish him all of the love and happiness this world can give him.

Now a little about the graduation.  Seth has been taking singing and guitar lessons for several years now.  He has sang at several different venues which I have gotten to go and see him.  Places like The Stephenville Opry, The Wylie Opry, Denton Mall, he tried out for American Idol in Austin, he was in his school choir where he sang solos and he is a member of the FAA Chorus.  He was selected to sing at his Graduation in front of all of his classmates and their families.  We were so proud. 

Now for a few family pictures from graduation day.
 Teresa (Mom), Seth, and Bobby (Dad) - My Mom (Memaw) and Seth.

After the ceremony, many of us went out to eat.  While we were waiting on our table, I went ahead and gave Seth his graduation present from Bill and I.  I had, of course, seen an idea on Pinterest and knew right then this is what I wanted to do for him for his graduation present.  You take an empty tissue box and decorate it, then, tape bills (money) end to end, roll the bills up and put in the box.  The caption reads, "Don't blow all of this in one place!".  I think he liked it.




  1. What a handsome young man. That's a neat idea for a graduation gift. I think he had fun with it.