Monday, June 4, 2012

Chili and Jerky Makin'

Once a year for the past few years Bill and most of his hunting buddies with significant others get together with their venison and antelope and make some awesome chili and starting last year they have been making jerky also.  Hunting buddy Larry graciously lets everyone invade his home and pretty much take over.  Everyone brings their dehydrators and electric cookers and lots of food and mass production starts.  Then it's bagged up and distributed.  This is a whole day process while all have fun while things are simmering in the pans.  They play washers, eat, drink, play washers, eat, drink, well, you know the drill.  Now this is what the men do...  Once everything is pretty much started, some of the women (ah, me included), kinda disappear from site and head north to Choctaw for a few hours of fun.  Then by the time we head back, most of the cooking is just waiting to be cooled off and packed for the trip home to everyones freezers.  A fun day is had by all. 

This is the best picture I could conjure up of Mr. Larry.  He is the sweetest and most gracious man.  And there with him is Ms. Lindie, his significant other.

Here are Tanner and Danny playing a little game of washers.  I've heard this can get pretty serious, but haven't witnessed any knock-down drag-outs yet.  All are very friendly games.

Here are a few more of our friends that we get together with for this fun-filled day.  Allen, Bill Paula, Kima, Amy, and Sandy.  Can you tell from the picture that this place belongs to a hunter? 

This picture is of a couple of great guys I know.  In the forefront would be Mr. Marshall.  He makes this "BEST" grilled stuffed bacon-wrapped jalepenos around.  Don't tell anyone, but one of the main reasons I always show up is because of his masterpieces.  I think that is all I ever eat.  And, might I say, I do eat my share.  Now for that guy in the background.  This would be Trent, Bill's son, my step-son.  I have to admit that he is a pretty good guy.  He is very supportive of his dad and is always here when needed.  He himself has a pretty-good knack with the grill spatula too.  Now if he could just show his Dad a few more pointers..

I've saved the best pictures for last.  Trent's son, Patrick came with him this year to get his first start with the jerky makin' process.  So him and Bill (PawPaw) spent the day going over the steps that make this awesome stuff.  Bill is pretty good with the jerky gun.  Can you tell from the pictures who Patrick takes after?  Is it not amazing the resemblance these two have?

A fun-filled day for EVERYONE!!!

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