Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Weeks with Jordan

Finally got to spend some much needed time with my oldest grandson Jordan.  He is growing so fast, so I enjoy being able to spend time with him and see just how much he reminds me of his daddy.  Sometimes his expressions remind me so much of Robby, as well as some of his mannerisms.  Robby has never been able to deny Jordan.  He looked like him the day he was born.  Well, enough of that. 

Let's see what all we did over the last two weeks.  Jordan spend alot of time with PawPaw.  He follows Bill around like a little puppy.  No matter what Bill is doing, Jordan wants to be there.  Much more than with me when I'm either sewing, cooking, or doing homework.  Plus Jordan prefers outside to inside.

There is a story behind this picture.  Jordan wanted to shoot his BB gun, so I told him to get a couple of cans and set them up and shoot at them.  Well, he started going outside and I saw him. He had 3 full cans of coke in his hands.  He was going to take 'good' drinks outside.  I said, "Whoa"...  How about you getting a couple of empty cans?  He said the wind will blow them over.  I told him it might just be a little bit more cost effective then if he was to fill them with water.  "Ohhhhh", he said.  Just one of the funnies we experienced while he was here.

It started raining one day and he wanted to ride the 4-wheeler in the rain.  I thought about it, and said why not.  When I was a kid I probably would have wanted to do it too.  So away he went.  He rode up and down the drive back in forth with the rain pounding down.  After a couple of trips, he was ready to come in and get dried off.  He has a blast.
When he was done with outside for awhile, or when Pawpaw came in, he would come in and play on the Wii, or play with his tractors.  His mom had sent him some workbooks to keep up with his schoolwork for the summer, so we would work on that some.
But then would be time when he would just act crazy and make me laugh.  I love this little boy.

I did get a chance to finish up his quilt we had bought last year during the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop.  Now to get it quilted so he can take it home.

Jordan went home on Saturday so it is quite around here.  He'll be back soon though.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a good time. I'm so glad.