Sunday, October 14, 2012


You ask?  Where my blog are updates?  Yeah, I’m still trying to find them too.  I know I put them somewhere.  I can’t find them, so guess I better rewrite, right?  NOT!!  I have just not been able to get my stuff together around here since starting work.  There is just so much always going on here at the farm that I have to prioritize and my blog has definitely been put on the bottom of the list.


As I’m sitting (at least I’m not laying now) here trying to get my strength built back up from my long week of this illness I have had, I thought I would reflect over the last couple of months.  I took off work last Wednesday with sore throat and fever, plus I couldn't talk, therefore, you can't answer phone if you can't talk.  I went to Dr. De Leon on Thursday because I wasn't feeling any better, but worse, and he said that it was upper respiratory and sinus infection and gave me drugs and told me to rest.  Well I didn't feel like doing much else, anyway.  It just seemed to gradually get worse.  I tried to start moving more on Saturday morning, but my body said no, not yet.  As I tried to get up and do somethings around here, I got dizzy, light headed and nauseous.  I called my sister, 'the nurse', and she could tell that I was hyperventilating.  I think I was scared being here alone and feeling this way.  So, I did what I was told and got the paperbag out and breathed in it and slowed my breathing down.  I finally gave in and called Bill to come home.  I thought I might need to go to emergency room.  We called and Dr. Holloway was still in the office so he rushed me up there. They took blood and flu test.  Good news, I don't have the flu, but was very dehydrated.  He threatened me with drinking LOTs clear liquids vs hospital stay and IVs.  He gave me a shot of phenergan and told me to go home and do nothing but drink clear water.  I was ready to just tell Bill to just shoot me.  But I didnt' say it too loud, he might of if there had been a gun close.
Bill had his 50 year class reunion going on Saturday and I hated calling him home in the middle of it, but you do what you have to do.  Once he got me back home and settled back in my bed, he went back up to reunion.  I think he still had a good time.  I hate I had to call him away though.  How many times do you actually make it to your 50 year High School Reunion.?
My plan today is to gradually get myself moving again and getting my strength back.  I’ve GOT to get back to work tomorrow.  I’m sure I have been greatly missed.  Well, probably not, but just hoping.  I know it causes my boss to have to juggle others schedules and I hate having to cause more problems for her.  She has enough on her plate.

Here We Go!

Now, onto reflecting back over the last few months.  I say a lot has happened around here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I took a lot of pictures.  I’ll see what I can scare up since July.   

New Water Well

On July 22nd, Bill had a new water well put in on the back part for the cows.  With the lack of rain we get around here in the summer months, the creek doesn’t run, therefore the cows have to make their way all the way back up to the front for water.  So now they have a fresh new tank to drink from.  I was amazed at how clear the water was.  I think the cows are probably drinking better than I am now.  Here are a few pics of the process.

Here is the drill rig and when they actually hit the water.  Bill took these pictures because I was at work.  He got some pretty good ones I think.

He took me down to see the whole set up after they put in the tank and solar panel.  Pretty impressive I might say. 
We are high class here now.  I asked Bill what happens to the solar panels when a hail storm is coming , he showed 'me' how to get a BIG wrench and unloosen the screws and tilt the panel straight up and down.  Yeah, right, let me get right on that.  Let's hope he is here when it hails.

Painting the Living Room

Rene so graciously offered to come help and paint the living room.  We had grown so tired of the green and yellow that we had put up back in 2003 when we did the first remodel here at the farm.  She came down on August 8-9 and Bill and her got with it and got the new color up while I was at work.  I only hope she knows just how much I appreciate her help.  I'm loving the colors we chose. 

Bella Visits

Actually, the whole Duncan clan came down the next weekend to visit, but the only pictures I took were of Bella.  Mandy was showing me how she was turning herself over now.  She is just growing too fast.

School Starts

I love iPhones.  The kids send me cute pictures off and on of the grandkids.  It makes it so nice since I live so far away and don't get to see them near enough.  
Jordan and Luke both started on August 27th and Patrick and Will started on August 28th.  So here they are.

Jordan is going into the 4th Grade (just happens to be the grade that Amy is teaching for her first year of teaching, and Lucas in starting Pre-K.  Wow, how time flies.

Patrick is starting his first year in High School (9th Grade) and Will is going into the 2nd Grade.

One Last Topic

I haven't been doing alot of sewing, but have been getting a few things done here and there, a little at time. 

First off, I had volunteered to make a quilt for the new Sunset Retreat place that is opening in Sunset.  I got a free weekend for it.  It was one of the tougher quilts I have made.  I'm really not for sure why, but it just seemed to take me alot longer and caused me a lot more frustration.  But I finally finshed it.

Something else I did, was took a class on making Snap Happy Bags at the Denton Sewing Center. I learn so much when I take these classes. I just wish more of them were on the weekend. I would probably take a class every weekend if I could. I learn how to use my machine and all kinds of helpful ways to do things. As you will notice, it is made out of some of the scraps I had left over from the quilt.
Then, while watching TV at night I finished up this wall hanging I purchased the kit for at the Alford Inn Quilt Shop in Van Alstyne when I went on the bus trip with the quilt guild a few months ago.  It was made by making yo-yos and inserting a bottle cap in the center before closing up.  Then I glued the caps to the black felt provided.  Bill cut me a board to attach it all to.  I used some of the Quilt Across Texas fabric I had left over from Jordan's quilt to make the hanger.
 And the last thing I have got to complete is my Block of the Month from the July quilt guild series.  I owed this to Phillis since then.  So I finally finished and get to give it to her at the October meeting.  Better late than never I guess.  Hope she likes it!!!

So, this is as much getting caught up as I'm going to do today.  Time to sit back and watch the Cowboys do their 'thang'.  Whatever it is that their "thang" is nowadays.  Take care, and I'll catch you next time.


  1. WOW. You, dear woman, have a very busy life. I hope you'll make time for the things you love...those things that make you happy. Your projects are all delightful...and I learned more about your farm than I ever imagined. Have a blessed, Merry Christmas!