Monday, July 2, 2012


I wanted to let everyone know that my posts will probably start coming alot longer in between.  I have started a full-time job, which is definitely putting a kink into my blogging and quilting and scrapbooking.  I am finding it a hugh task to get my new schedule organized, but I will prevail eventually.  Being gone most of the day is not fun, but this change is necessary and will be fine once I get into the swing of things and figure everything out.
I am really sad about being able to spend the time I love with my new found hobby of quilting, but I will sneak in little time slots as I can.

I am enjoying the extra time I have right now with my Jordan the next two weeks. I do have a few posts that I will work on this week and update everyone.

Have a Blessed Day!!! (gotta get ready for work)  :)


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