Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pioneer Woman Cooks

Well, I told you I would get it as soon as it was released.  Maybe it is a couple of weeks later, but I got it in the mail today, Pioneer Woman's new Cookbook.  After perusing through it real quick, (I've got to go take my Government final soon), I see that I have already made a few of the recipes in it.  It's going to be fun seeing what other great things she has waiting for me to try.

Her show on the Food Network is in reruns now, which is great because I didn't start watching until this season, so I have a whole nuther (is that a word?) season to watch. 

Guess I better get and get this final over with.  Woo! Hoo!!!  Now to decide, do I take Algebra for Summer I semester or just blow the summer off????  Hummm decisions, decisions..... With the oldest grandson, Jordan coming off and on for a few weeks this summer and the new granddaughter, Miss Bella making her entrance into our world next Tuesday (planned), and then her brother, Lucas needing some of Gigi's attention too, will I actually be able to handle Algebra too?  It's only for 5 weeks, but 4 nights each week.  Gonna have to give this a little more thought, but it would give me a whole semester off the end of this journey I decided to embark on.  If all goes as planned, I should graduate with my Associates of Science Degree next Spring.  Everyone, pleaseeee cross your fingers for me, and a little prayer here and there wouldn't hurt either.

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