Monday, June 2, 2014

Adam's Request

I got a text from my 10 month old grand son asking for something special for his 1 year old birthday photo shoot.  Well, actually, the text was from his mom, my daughter Amy, but I think my girls have figured out that if the text sent to me starts out "Gigi, will you..." I will do it if at all possible.  Here is the picture I got. She had seen it from the photographers website. So, I got on Etsy and sent her a link to one and she said, "yeah, I saw that, but they can't have it done by the time it was needed for Adam's pictures.  Well, then, I guess it's Gigi to the rescue.  I had a class yesterday at a quilt shop and just happened to find the perfect red and white polka dot fabric needed for this project and found the pattern on Etsy which I could download the .pdf.  So it took about an hour to complete, and then I had to hunt up a suitable model.  So, I got another project out of the way.  

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