Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Back!!!!!!

I'm so excited to get back to blogging. It's been almost a year and a half. I started a new full-time job and totally have been trying to get my life organized to where I can work full-time and be able to have the time to do what I enjoy. I've missed my blog.  I have been doing some quilting and sewing when I could. I still have to deal with my Fibromyalgia flare-ups sometimes but I believe my doctor is on track to having me on the right medications.  So here we go....

I really don't know where to start. I have so many things to tell you. I guess it's best to start where I left off.

I was telling you that I had a new grandson on the way. Well, he made it. He was born on July 11th, which means he has his first birthday coming up. Meet Adam Logan. He is one precious little boy.  He smiles all of the time.

Is he not a cutie?  Of course, I'm not prejudice. We love him so much. We don't get to see him, or the other grand kids nearly enough lately. Seems like everyone is so busy now-a-days.  Speaking of the other grand kids, let me go ahead and give you an update on Luke and Bella.  Luke just graduated Kindergarten last week. He is now officially a 1st grader. 

Now Miss Bella just turned 2 years old and had a fun birthday party.  Her mom found some fun ideas from Pinterest for the kids to have outdoor water fun. Wish I had pictures, but nobody seems to have any. Really??  Where was I with my camera?  Gigi is slacking in the photo taking department lately.  Is she not just precious?  You should look back at some of the last posts I did on her. Boy has she changed..

As for my oldest grandson Jordan, today was his last day of 5th grade.  We normally get him the last day of school for a few weeks to start off the summer, but he decided to change it up this year and go to his other grandparents first this year. We will see him soon.  His mom sent me this picture of him at his school field trip a couple of weeks ago.  Can you say, "Cool Dude"?

Okay so that updates you on my grand kids.  At least this is a start to get back on track. I'll be back soon with some posts on what my sewing machine has been up to lately. 

Take care and have a fun and safe weekend.

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